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The Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight is a registered non-profit 501(c)(4) organization representing groups and individuals committed to defending the urban landscape of Los Angeles from a proliferation of billboards, supergraphic signs, and other forms of outdoor advertising that blight our public spaces.

Our mission includes education, outreach, and political and legal action to protect citizens’ rights to walk and drive their streets and congregate in public areas without a constant assault of advertising messages. We welcome all forms of support—money, volunteer time, letter-writing—to help us in this fight. The visual landscape of the city belongs to everyone, not just the advertising companies who want to use it as a canvas for their commercial messages. Please help us protect and defend it.

The citizens of Los Angeles owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ban Billboard Blight for  exposing the devious practices of the billboard industry and holding public officials accountable for enforcement of laws meant to protect the city’s visual environment.  Ban Billboard Blight is an inspiration to everyone in the scenic conservation movement.” -Mary Tracy, President of Scenic America

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