Action Alert: An Important PLUM Meeting

The next meeting of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee of the City Council, which will take place Tuesday Aug. 13 at 2:30pm, is the most important one so far this year. The PLUM Committee will consider the latest set of reports that it commissioned from the staff of the Planning Department. Neighborhood Councils need to be on the lookout in case some of the recommendations in those reports end up in the proposed Citywide Sign Ordinance that the committee is now working on.

Specifically, the PLUM Committee asked the staff to find a range of possible legal ways for the Council to all digital signs outside of the already highly commercialized Sign Districts. Some of these options include specifying that certain types of intersections qualify for digital signs, that planning districts can opt in for digital signs, allowing digital signs on public property, and others. These options all go exactly contrary to the expressed wishes of every Neighborhood Council that has spoken on this question. No Neighborhood Council has yet spoken in favor of any option in which digital signs are allowed outside of Sign Districts.

If you are a Neighborhood Council Board member, and your NC filed a Community Impact Statement on this question (Council File 11-1705), come to the meeting and speak. You will be allowed three minutes, which is more than the sign company lobbyists will get.

If you are a concerned citizen, send a comment reflecting your views to the PLUM Committee urging them to embrace the moderate compromise solution of allowing digital signs in Sign Districts only. Urge them to reject the options that allow digital signs outside sign districts.

Here is the address of the new public comment system. It’s very easy. All you need is the Council File Number, which is 11-1705:

I will see you at the meeting!

Patrick Frank, President

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