Billboard Blight: A Gallery Of Shame

At last week’s City Planning Commission hearing on proposed revisions to the city’s sign ordinance, representatives and lobbyists representing behemoth corporations like Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor argued that stricter regulations on outdoor signage would harm the city’s economy and result in the loss of jobs, although they offered no facts or figures to support these assertions.  Perhaps the question to ask these companies is what they do to harm the visual landscape of the city, and how this makes it a less desirable place to live and do business, and what that means for jobs and the economy.The billboards in the photos belong to Clear Channel, CBS Outdoor, and Lamar Outdoor (formerly Vista Media).  Want to let them know what you think?  Send an e-mail to the following:

Dennis Hathaway

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  1. Nice idea!

    Just sent messages off to all three.

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