Billboard Boats, Inflatable Billboards, Truck Billboards: The Latest Affronts to Our Visual Landscape

Think about it for a second… Thousands of beach goers relaxing at the beach, looking towards the ocean. Just offshore, a Billboard Boat slowly passes by with your name on it… Your message will be read, and it will be remembered.—

They can be displayed on any surface you can imagine including water, sand, snow, grass, dirt and pavement. The systems can be displayed on oceans, lakes, beaches, ski slopes, golf courses, rooftops, parking lots, events, construction sites, sports stadiums, and car dealerships, just to name a few.–

In today’s world, with more educated and discerning consumers who have a wider range of entertainment and media options than ever, it is extremely difficult for many companies’ advertisements to reach the targeted markets. Mobile advertising is the perfect way to get your message out on the streets and to the consumers.–

Dennis Hathaway

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