Billboard Company Says: We Have So Many Signs, It’s Hard To Keep Them Always Looking Their Best

Below is an e-mail response from a spokesperson for Lamar Advertising, the owner of the billboards above, to a citizen’s complaint about the deteriorated condition of one of their signs.  The three signs shown above were seen within a few blocks of each other on a single commercial street.

Good afternoon, my name is Heather Strohfus and I am the Charting Coordinator at Lamar Advertising in Los Angeles. I was forwarded on the concern about one of our billboards. We do so appreciate you letting us know. We do our best to keep our boards in great condition, but with 5,200 billboards it is difficult to make sure that they are always looking their best. Having an extra pair of eyes is a very big help always. Please know that this problem is being taken care of as we speak. 

With future problems you can email me directly, all I need are the cross streets and if at all possible the name of the client on that board at that time. Rest assure that any problems that you do send my way can and will be taken care of within 48 – 72 hours!

Do you want to tell LaMar Advertising about its company’s eyesores?  Or better yet, what you think of the suggestion that the public keep the company notified of problems, as opposed to the company taking responsibility by regularly inspecting and maintaining their property that takes up such a prominent place in the city’s visual landscape.

Hal P. Kilshaw, Vice President Governmental Relations

And here’s a relevant section from  the Los Angeles Municipal Sign Code:
Sec. 14.4.4
D. Maintenance.
1. Appearance. Every sign shall be maintained in a clean, safe and good working condition, including the replacement of defective parts, defaced or broken faces, lighting and other acts required for the maintenance of the sign. The display surfaces shall be kept neatly painted or posted at all times.

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Dennis Hathaway

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