California Legislators Seek To Ban Mobile Billboards

Trailer billboard parked on Cahuenga Blvd. The business advertised is several miles away.

A bill to ban billboards on trailers and trucks parked on public streets has been introduced in the California State Assembly by two L.A. area legislators.

The bill, AB2756, states, “Not only are mobile billboards a visual blight, but they pose a significant safety hazard when motorists are forced to veer around them into the next lane of traffic. Mobile billboards also reduce available on-street parking and impair the visibility of pedestrians and drivers.”

The bill, which would apply statewide but allow local jurisdictions to adopt ordinances allowing such signs, is sponsored by Democratic Assembly members Bob Blumenfeld and Mike Feuer.

Blumenfeld represents a San Fernando Valley district that has seen a large number of “trailer” billboards parked for several days at a time on city streets in recent years, prompting numerous complaints, and a recent call by L.A. Councilman Dennis Zine to ban the signs in the city.

No hearings on the bill have yet been scheduled.

Truck billboard parked on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice

Dennis Hathaway

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