Does Jan Perry Think Wilshire Grand Should Get Sign Credits For Removing “Illegal” Billboards?

Left, illegal billboard within sight of Wilshire Grand project; right, Councilwoman Jan Perry

At a March 1 meeting of the L.A. City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee, councilwoman Jan Perry told members that a sign district proposed for the $1 billion-plus Wilshire Grand project would require the takedown of “illegal” signs in exchange for almost 30,000 sq. ft. of electronic advertising signage on the building’s façade. (more…)

Governor Signs Bill To Allow Mobile Billboard Bans

Mobile billboard parked in residential area of West L.A.

The city of L.A. finally has a tool to fight the growing scourge of mobile billboards taking up parking spaces and creating visual blight on the city’s streets and boulevards.  Yesterday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill that gives California cities the power to ban such forms of outdoor advertising.


Bad Idea That Won’t Die: Governor Pushes For Advertising on Freeway Information Signs

Will Amber Alert Signs on L.A. Freeways Soon be Showing Ads?

Maybe it could be called the idea that has nine lives.  Each time it comes up, a chorus of criticism arises from citizens and many public officials, and it gets shelved, only to reappear at a later date.  See Governor Gearing Up to Sell Ads on Freeway Electronic Signs.