Finally: Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Gives Up Challenge to Supergraphic Ban

One of a series of supergraphic signs on the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Photo from Jan, 2009)

The owner of the historic Hollywood Roosevelt hotel and a Las Vegas sign company have given up a legal battle for the right to display 6-story supergraphic ads to throngs of tourists and others on one of the busiest stretches of Hollywood Blvd.


Legal Wars: City Seeks Millions in Lawsuit Against McNeilly Over Illegal Supergraphic Signs


Two of the dozens of Skytag supergraphic signs cited in city lawsuit (Photos from March, 2010)

Michael McNeilly, the self-proclaimed Beverly Hills artist who first gained noteriety by painting a large patriotic mural on the side of a Westwood office building and then converting it to a commercial advertisement was hit yesterday with a lawsuit seeking millions in damages for that sign and other supergraphic signs put up without permits on buildings in a wide area of Los Angeles. The lawsuit filed by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich also names 21 property owners who allegedly allowed McNeilly to put up illegal signs, including a prominent developer who has received city loans and subsidies.


Early Christmas: Red Ink-Stained City Set to Hand L.A. Developer Signage Entitlements Worth Many Millions

Architect's rendering at right shows some of the electronic signage proposed for the Wilshire Grand project. (Sign simulation by Curbed LA)

The nearly 30,000 square feet of electronic advertising to be emblazoned on the building facade of the proposed Wilshire Grand project is likely to bring millions in revenue to the property owner, but nothing to the barren treasury of the city that is being asked to allow the signage by granting exceptions to the city’s ban on new off-site advertising. (more…)

City Council President Seeks Ban on New Supergraphic Signs in Hollywood

New signs like these on Sunset & Vine tower would be banned under Garcetti proposal

Multi-story supergraphic signs advertising everything from movies to liquor to women’s clothing have proliferated throughout Hollywood in the past half dozen years, but L.A. City Council president Eric Garcetti is now calling for a ban on the approval of any more of the signs in the Hollywood Sign district.  In a motion to be voted on by the City Council this coming Tuesday,  Garcetti cited “community concern” and “ongoing legal questions about the appropriateness of supergraphic signs…”


World Wide Rush Ruling: Game Over For Rogue Sign Companies?

Two supergraphics protected by federal court injunctions issued in 2008, but lifted by the appeals court ruling. Left, sign by Skytag, Inc.; right, by World Wide Rush

Does yesterday’s decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the city’s right to ban off-site, supergraphic, and freeway-facing advertising signs mean that impresarios of blight like Barry Rush of World Wide Rush and Michael McNeilly of Skytag, Inc. will be packing up their multi-story building wraps and heading out of town?  To shed some light on that question, and other issues relevant to yesterday’s eagerly-awaited court ruling, we conducted the following Q&A with ourselves.


Sign Company Sued By City Puts up New Illegal Supergraphic at Freeway Site

Supergraphic sign alongside 10 freeway in West L.A. City alleges tree removed from right-of-way for sign visibility.

Two weeks after the City Attorney’s office filed a lawsuit charging Vanguard Outdoor Advertising with putting up illegal supergraphic signs on five L.A. buildings, a brand new supergraphic has gone up on one of those buildings, just west of the Robertson Blvd exit from the 10 freeway.


Figueroa Hotel: Free At Last? Or More Giant Supergraphics On the Way

Left, Figueroa Hotel in 2000 with Apple "Think Different" Ads; Right, Hotel Figueroa today

One of the most grievous insults to historic architecture in Los Angeles has been the plastering of these buildings with supergraphic ads hawking everything from blockbuster movies to toilet paper.  One of the longest runs of such advertising has been at downtown’s Figueroa Hotel, a 1925 building that displayed the first such ads on its 12-story, triple towers more than 10 years ago.


Hollywood Building Owner Says City Offered to Allow Illegal Supergraphic Signs in Exchange for Fees and Other Considerations

6464 Sunset Blvd. Photo from Sept. 2009

A Hollywood property owner sued last week by the L.A. City Attorney for allowing illegal supergraphics on two Sunset Blvd. office buildings declared in a federal court filing two years ago that city officials were willing to allow the signs in exchange for fees and other considerations worth more than two million dollars.


L.A. Live Hotel Gets Two Giant Supergraphic Ads, Three More May Be Coming

Toyota supergraphic on ballroom of Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriot Hotel. The sign at right is on the hotel parking structure.

Our friends at Curbed LA have posted a photo of a large Coca-Cola supergraphic being installed on the west side of the brand new Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Hotel in the L.A. Live area downtown.  From the tenor of comments to that post, it seems most people think such advertising is crass and tacky, especially given the geographic and architectural prominence of the building.


Unwrapped: Illegal Supergraphic Ad Removed From Historic Hollywood Hotel

Left, east wall of hotel in 2007; right, as of 4/29/2010

During his 2009 election campaign, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich promised to crack down on anyone putting up illegal billboards and supergraphic signs.  Continuing to make good on that promise, his office has gotten the owners of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to  remove the latest in a series of illegal supergraphics that have covered the walls of the historic structure for the past four years.


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