Disappearing Supergraphics: No More Open Season in L.A. For Rogue Sign Companies?

Supergrapic, top, put up earlier this year along 10 freeway by company called Vanguard Outdoor, removed on March 24

Following on the heels of last week’s highly-publicized decision by CBS Outdoor to remove two illegal supergraphic signs in Hollywood, other unpermitted supergraphics have quietly disappeared, although it remains to be seen whether or not the buildings will remain unswathed by the giant mesh and vinyl advertising signs that are big revenue generators for sign companies.

It’s surely no coincidence that companies have been removing these signs after City Attorney Carmen Trutanich filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against one sign company and a number of property owners, engineered the arrest and jailing of a landlord in Hollywood who put up a huge illegal supergraphic on an historic Hollywood Blvd. office building, and issued arrest warrants for sign company executives and a property owner who allowed three illegal supergraphics on yet another Hollywood building.

Supergraphic, left, one of a series first cited by the city four years ago. Right, sign being peeled off Venice building

Supergraphic, left, put up on West L.A. flower shop last year,  removed last week

Supergraphic, left, put up on West L.A. flower shop last year, removed last week

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