Eyesore of the Week: Brought to You By Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Billboard at 3664 Overland Ave.

Clear Channel Billboard at 3664 Overland Ave.

Despite being the world’s largest outdoor advertising company, Clear Channel is in deep financial trouble, according to articles in the business media.  Perhaps that explains why they can’t remove graffiti, and cover the raw plywood of this billboard with something less offensive to the eye.  Billboard companies are actually required  to do this, as per below, from Section 14.4.4 (D)(1) of the L.A. Municipal Code:

Appearance. Every sign shall be maintained in a clean, safe and good working condition, including the replacement of defective parts, defaced or broken faces, lighting and other acts required for the maintenance of the sign. The display surfaces shall be kept neatly painted or posted at all times.

Dennis Hathaway

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