Fact or Fiction? City Council Made Clear That Ban on New Signs Should Exempt L.A. Live and Certain Other Projects

At the contentious Oct. 23 City Council meeting on the issue of L.A. Live signs, several councilmembers complained that the City Attorney’s office was ignoring the council’s intent to exempt that project and several others from the ban on off-site signs adopted on Aug. 7 of this year. One of the more heated of those complaints came from Councilman Richard Alarcon, who speaks in the following video clip about the August meeting and the issue of legislative intent:

Now look at the video clip below from that Aug. 7 meeting. Alarcon not only didn’t bring up L.A. Live or any other projects, not a single councilperson asked the City Attorney’s representatives present a direct question about exempting projects from the “no exceptions” ban on new off-site signs unanimously approved that day.

To see complete video footage of the meetings, follow links below:

Aug. 7 City Council Meeting
Oct. 23 City Council Meeting

Dennis Hathaway

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