Federal Court of Appeals To Hear Arguments in Widely-watched L.A. Sign Case

World Wide Rush Supergraphic Sign on National Blvd.

World Wide Rush Supergraphic Sign on National Blvd.

An appeal of a federal district judge’s decision throwing out L.A.’s off-site sign ban will be heard tomorrow, Dec. 10,  before a three judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  In an August, 2008 decision in World Wide Rush v. City of Los Angeles,  Judge Audrey Collins found the ban unconstitutional because it allowed exceptions for sign districts, specific plans, and approved development agreements.  The lawsuit was brought by an obscure Pennsylvania company that had been cited for putting up numerous supergraphic signs on buildings in violation of the city’s 2002 ban on new off-site signs.  Following the decision by Judge Collins, a number of other companies sued the city on the same grounds, and obtained injunctions barring enforcement at more than fifty locations.

Earlier this year, the city adopted a new off-site sign ban that eliminates the exceptions pending the outcome of the World Wide Rush appeal.

Dennis Hathaway

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