Greetings From Arizona: Promoting Out-of-State Tourism in L.A.’s Public Spaces


Arizona tourism billboard on public property at Venice Beach

One might ask this question:  In a severe economic recession, with the city facing a budget deficit that might run as high as $1 billion, and the state almost bankrupt, why is the city allowing its sidewalks and other public spaces to be used to urge people to visit Arizona ?

This phenomenon was first publicized by our friends at Curbed LA. Portable billboards aimed at luring tourists to Arizona were subsequently seen on Venice Beach and in the Westwood area of Los Angeles.  The campaign is sponsored by the Arizona Department of Tourism, and the billboards are created and installed by a company called Massivemedia, a company that touts its expertise in “guerilla marketing,” among other things.


Billboard at Westwood & Santa Monica Blvds.

Calls to the city’s Department of Public Works to inquire if permits were issued to allow the billboards on public property were not returned.

Dennis Hathaway

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  1. acton says:

    then we need guerrilla marketing to protect our city.

    a can of black paint and a roller will cover their illegal sign. Let us see the city or the guerrilla marketing company argue that cover up of an illegal sign is a crime or is disposing of trash a crime.

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