JP Morgan Chase: Banking Giant Creates Blight, Potential Fire Hazards With Illegal Supergraphics

7201-melrose-1A new outdoor advertising campaign by JP Morgan Chase includes supergraphics put up in violation of the current moratorium on such signs, and in some cases covers windows in a manner cited by the city in other locations as a fire safety hazard.   The supergraphic on the building above at 7201 Melrose Ave.  appeared last week as part of campaign that also utilizes billboards and street furniture.

JP Morgan Chase received $25 billion in federal bailout money last year.  It underwent criticism for using this money to buy other companies–Washington Mutual being the most noteworthy–and for its lavish spending on corporate jets and other executive perks.   To let the company know what you think of their activities, send an e-mail to Thomas Kelly,  head of U.S. retail operations. 


7201 Melrose Ave. Before Supergraphic


Supergraphic at 6800 Hollywood Blvd.

Supergraphic at 6800 Hollywood Blvd.

Dennis Hathaway

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