L.A. Billboard Companies Spend Over $1 Million Lobbying in 1st Half of 2015

Lobbying 5

Billboard companies seeking new laws allowing more digital billboards and legalizing unpermitted and out-of-compliance signs spent $1.1 million lobbying city council members and other officials in the first six months of 2015, according to City Ethics Commission reports.

Leading the spending parade was Clear Channel, which paid six different lobbying firms $308,000.   That was double the runner-up, Regency Outdoor, which reported $154,000 in lobbying expenditures.  Other major billboard companies lobbying city hall were Lamar Advertising, $111,000, and Outfront Media (formerly CBS Outdoor), $105,000.

The L.A. Outdoor Advertising Coalition, a group of five billboard companies that has been lobbying city officials on behalf of digital billboards, spent $114,000, according to the ethics commission reports.  That group includes Clear Channel, Lamar, and Outfront Media, which together own almost 90 per cent of the city’s billboards.

Dennis Hathaway

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