L.A.’s “Renegade Sign Bandits” In Madrid Guerrilla Action

Left, "sign bandits" poster in Madrid bus shelter; right, masked sign bandit" with faux violation notice placed last year on dozens of illegal L.A. billboards

The Renegade Sign Bandits, the anonymous group that plastered illegal signs with official-looking violation notices more than a year ago and then wasn’t heard from again, surfaced last week as part of  a guerrilla action that replaced more than a hundred ads with text posters in Madrid bus shelters and items of street furniture.   The group, which took its name from a remark made by an official with L.A.’s building department, has a new website, but what might be next on its activity calendar is anybody’s guess.  For an LA Weekly interview last year with one of the “bandits,” click here.

Dennis Hathaway

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