Advocacy Organizations

Scenic America National organization working to protect the visual environment
Public Ad Campaign Advocating for public art in spaces occupied by advertising
Anti-Advertising Agency Questioning the purpose and effect of advertising in public spaces
Commercial Alert Protecting communities from commercialism
Kids Free 2B Kids Concerns about sexualization of children in advertising
Alcohol Justice Alcohol industry watchdog group with concerns about outdoor advertising of beer and liquor
Billboard Liberation Front “Improving” outdoor advertising since 1977

Sign Companies and Industry Groups

Clear Channel Outdoor World’s biggest billboard and outdoor advertising company
CBS Outdoor U.S.’s biggest billboard and outdoor advertising company, a division of CBS Corp.
Lamar Advertising National billboard company, largest owner of billboard structures in Los Angeles
Outdoor Advertising Association of America Advocating for the interests of billboard companies and outdoor advertisers
Messages That Matter Promoting digital billboards


L. A. Dept. of Building & Safety Inspects billboards and other signs, takes complaints and issues citations for illegal signs
L.A. City Attorney Prosecutes sign law violators
L.A City Planning Department Writes sign regulations, processes applications for sign districts, variances
California Dept. of Transportation Office of Outdoor Advertising Regulates outdoor advertising displays visible from state highways
Federal Highway Administration A history and overview of the Federal Outdoor Advertising Control Program

Legal Resources Up-to-date information on laws and court rulings regarding outdoor advertising

Digital Billboards and Signs

Traffic Safety and Digital Signs Independent report on research into the issue of digital billboards and signs and their potential to impact traffic safety.  Commissioned in 2009 by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.


Alice Arnold Photography/Film/Video/Graphics Website of New York filmmaker with clips from film on digital signs, including footage shot in L.A.