Los Angeles Sign Regulations

Want to know what ordinances regulate billboards and other types of advertising signs in Los Angeles?  Want to know what these ordinances actually say? Note: Documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don’t have it, go here for a free download.

Δ Citywide Sign Ordinance:  The text of the ordinance, plus explanatory material.

Δ Citywide Sign Ordinance Revisions:  Comprehensive revisions approved by the City Planning Commission in 2009, but still pending before the City Council.

ο City Planning Department Staff Report on Proposed Revisions:  Impact of digital signs, traffic safety issues, comparison of sign regulations in other cities, more…

ο City Planning Department Brochure:  Highlights of sign ordinance revisions.  In color with graphics!

Δ Citywide Sign Ordinance Revisions-July, 2011:  Latest revisions of above ordinance.

Δ Citywide Sign Ordinance Revisions-September, 2013:  Latest revisions of above ordinance.

Sign Supplemental Use Districts:  Allowed by current ordinance, these districts permit types of signs prohibited citywide, as well as other regulations tailored to specific signage objectives.

Δ Hollywood Sign SUD:  Adopted in 2004, covering major thoroughfares in the central Hollywood area.

Δ Hollywood Sign SUD revisions:  Approved by the City Planning Commission in 2009, but still pending before the City Council.

Δ Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment District Specific Plan :  Special sign regulations that apply to the Staples Center/L.A. Live area downtown.  Scroll to Section 16, Signage.

Δ Off-site Sign Periodic Inspection Program:  Ordinance establishing a fee-based inspection program for all billboards and other off-site advertising signs in the city.  Begun in 2009.

Δ California Outdoor Advertising Act:  All advertising signs in the state are subject to this state law.