Lethal Products: Billboards With Depictions of Guns and Violence

Billboard directly across the street from an elementary school and charter high school in a neighborhood with active gangs

Back in 2005, protests by parents and community leaders in a gang-ridden area of  L.A. resulted in the removal of billboard ads depicting the rapper 50 Cent brandishing a gun in an ad for the movie, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”.  Five years later, billboards and supergraphic signs around the city continue to display outsize ads with such depictions, sometimes right next-door to schools and in neighborhoods suffering from gun violence.

Ironically, while ad campaigns like the current blitz for the upcoming John Travolta movie, “From Paris With Love” plaster the city with depictions of guns, groups working to end gun violence have been using billboards to get their message to the public.  Three years ago, to cite one of a number of examples across the country, then-L.A. City Councilman Nick Pacheco, working with the group Women Against Gun Violence, persuaded Vista Media (since acquired by Lamar Advertising) to donate 60 billboards to the  campaign shown at the right. Interestingly, Lamar Advertising appears on a public  NRA “enemies list” of companies that have lent corporate support to anti-gun initiatives.


Dennis Hathaway

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  1. bruceboyer says:

    For those of you who are behind the curve, allow me to enlighten you as to how the system works. The billboard companies want to erect billboards, the billboard companies can charge higher rates when other billboard companies may not errect billboards. The Councilman are given the ability to largely restrict a new billboard permit in their district. The politician wants the support/endorsement and votes of a “community group” the ” Mothers against blah blah”. In exchange for their permits and blocking others, the billboard company agrees to donate billboardds that support and promote a group (there by giving them tens of thousands of dollars worth of advertising for free) in exchange for their support forthe councilman. Ererybody in the exchange gets what they want. The honorable Councilman does not have to deslare a campaign contribution from the billboard company, because they did not donate, to him! Can you do the math now? Last part of the puzzle, why does the NRA oppose the “mothers against blah blah”? because they are not a group that wants to “protect children” they are a front group for those who want to take away your Right and your ability to defend yourself. These groups are ant-women as they want women to be victims, not being able to defend themselves. The NRA lists these groups as “enemies” of your 2nd Amenment Right because they do not support your Rights, they are enemies of your Right to self0defence. As such the NRAopposes those people, as I think they correctly should.

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