Sign Company Loses Legal Challenge in New York, Starts Taking Signs Down: Lost Earlier Legal Challenge in L.A. But Signs Stay Up

Truck with crew removing Fuel signs in New York. Photo by Public Ad Campaign

Fuel Outdoor, the rogue sign company known as Metro Fuel in New York, is apparently taking down its signs there as a result of a ruling yesterday by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that the nation’s largest city has every right to regulate and limit off-site advertising.  See Appeals Court Rules NYC Can Limit Billboards

By contrast, hundreds of Fuel signs continue to ring the company’s cash registers in L.A. even though the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled more than a year ago that the city could legally ban all off-site advertising.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined in December of last year to review that ruling, making the hundreds of movie-poster style billboards put up around the city the past half dozen years officially illegal.  According to a building department official, inspectors conducting last year’s citywide inventory and inspection of billboards noted the locations of Fuel’s signs and recently turned that list over to the City Attorney.  It is not known what action the City Attorney’s office plans to take.

In the meantime, citizens have taken to posting official-looking “Illegal Sign” notices on Fuel Outdoor signs in West L.A. and Venice.  It is not known whether this group, which began calling themselves “sign bandits” after a building department spokesman characterized them as “renegade sign bandits” have plans for further guerilla-style actions.  See Renegade Sign Bandits Strike Again.

Dennis Hathaway

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