So Where Are Those Sign Districts People Are Talking About? Look Here


The Miracle Mile Area of Wilshire Blvd. is Eligible to Become a Sign District

The 20 areas of the city eligible for sign districts were included in an attachment to the city planning department’s report on the new sign ordinance approved by the L.A. City Planning Commission March 26.  Unfortunately, all but a few of the major streets were unlabeled, so residents of the area had a hard time telling how they might be affected.  So we’ve created a Google map showing all the streets in the areas eligible for sign districts.  Just click on the names and zoom in as close as necessary.  [For anyone unfamiliar with Google maps, they can be viewed as street maps, or satellite images with street names.  Just click above the map on “maps” or “satellite–show labels.”]

Dennis Hathaway

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