Success! The motion to suppress changing digital ads on ride sharing vehicles advanced.

The Transportation Committee of the L.A. City Council yesterday heard the voices of all of those who sent messages about the intrusion of digital ads onto our city streets. By a vote of 2-1, the members approved the motion to start enforcing the law and get those distracting and ugly rooftop signs off of ridesharing vehicles such as Uber and Lyft.

Big Thanks to all who wrote in!

Our arguments were important: The signs are distracting, ugly, intrusive, dangerous, and illegal. On that last point we received valuable support from the City Attorney, who powerfully contradicted the legal reasoning of the lobbyists.

How it broke down:

Committee Chair Mike Bonin seemed to be on our side from the start; he gets it. He also pointed out the irony that some of the same groups that favored the digital signs (Chambers of Commerce) were also opposed to raising the minimum wage. Council Member Nury Martínez wondered if the sign company was sharing enough revenue with the actual drivers who carry the signs; she voted with us. Council Member Paul Koretz, who seems to favor the taxi drivers’ union in all things, voted No.

What’s next:

It goes to the full council. With so many legal arguments on top of the aesthetic and sefety arguments, it’s hard to imagine the full council reversing this.

But we will stay on top of it!

Patrick Frank, President

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