What, Us Worry? New Giant Supergraphic Goes Up Less Than a Mile From Similar Ad Cited as a Fire Safety Hazard

This huge supergraphic ad at the Robertson Blvd. exit from the 10 Freeway in West L.A. went up over the weekend on this four-story office building, covering windows in the same manner as an ad that has been cited as a fire safety hazard on a similar building less than a mile to the west.  That building, sporting a huge Tropicana orange juice ad, has generated enormous publicity, due to the activism of one its office tenants, and the fact that criminal charges were filed last week against the building’s owner.

A spokesperson for City Councilman Jack Weiss, who has been pushing for enforcement against supergraphic ads like this one put up without any permits and covering windows in potential violation of fire safety standards, said that both city fire inspectors and the department of building and safety have been notified about the ad, which apparently went up over the weekend.

The building houses the offices of Local District 3 of the Los Angeles Unified School District and Samra Unviersity of Oriental Medicine, among others, and is across the street from Hamilton High School.  A person at the offices of Property Management Associates, the company that manages the property, said she wasn’t aware of any questions regarding the fire safety of such signs, and was certain that the advertising company that erected the sign for a soon-to-be-released Warner Bros. sci-fi thriller had obtained all the proper permits.  She declined to give the name of that company.

Dennis Hathaway

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  1. cokertax says:

    Those of us who are neighbors of this graphic invite everyone this Thursday Feb 5 at 7pm to come see the supergraphic, and then cross the street to Hamilton High and meet and question all the candidates running for the city council seat for CD-5, and ask them yourself what they plan to do about such supergraphics.

  2. MFMauceri says:

    How strangely ironic, urban blight depicting urban blight; insult to injury.

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